in vino veritas

so, a study recently discovered that when people were given wine to drink, they rated it more enjoyable when they were told it was more expensive.

while i'm all for the scientific method, i don't think this is all that big of a discovery. no shit they enjoyed the wine better when they thought it was expensive. if someone gives me a diamond ring, i'm sure as hell gonna like it better than if it were cubic zirconium--the two rings look the same and function the same, but the bling is better when it costs more.

i think a far more interesting question is not whether or not price influences enjoyment, but how does the relationship between the enjoyment of a commodity and the enjoyment of price work? does price compound enjoyment of the commodity, or is it a separate pleasure in and of itself? and how does price affect things we don't enjoy (i remember someone opening up a bottle of shitty wine and then telling me it cost $45...i certainly didn't enjoy it any better)?

all i need is a sugar daddy and i can start the experimenting...