asset management

every once in a while, as is my wont, i will imbibe a tasty beverage with a friend or colleague. by which of course, i mean, i like to down jaegger shots until i pass out a few nights a week. so last night the roomie and i, having nothing meaningful to contribute to society at the moment, went out to have a stiff one and look at strippers.

we headed out to here lounge in weho, where the half-naked boys are now that mickey's burned to the ground. and while seductively sipping on my manderin and seven, i joined the roomie in reviewing (i.e., oggling) the assets of said half-naked boys. a few observations:

  1. apparently, dancing ability is not a requirement to be a go-go boy. nice abs, obviously, are.
  2. no one looks sexy wearing knee-pads. especially while wearing cowboy boots and hat.
  3. if you bring a stack of hundreds of dollar bills to the bar, you'll come off as kinda skeezy. just sayin'.
  4. i know teh gayz like the big biceps, but boys: please do some squats every once in a while. some of us are leg men, and you look kinda silly wearing a jock strap if you have a flat ass.
  5. i heart pocket gays who do yoga in their underwear. again, just sayin'.

i think i probably would have enjoyed concentrating in anthropology a lot more if, rather than studying food and religion in europe and asian, i'd focused on the ethnology of strippers. ah, well.