wither the wind blows

honestly, i don't know who the fuck to vote for in next week's primary. on the one hand, all politicians, regardless of party, pretty much suck ass, and not in the good way. on the other, i'd much rather have either hills or barry than any of the other options (assuming, of course, that martial law is not declared and elections are "postponed").

listening to barry speak is kinda like listening to some of jfk's speaches....i'm moved. but that is, essentially, an emotional response. i know hills has a ton of experience and is connected to very intelligent people who will advise her a hell of a lot better than the current camp counselors in the white house. but she's kinda cold, and lots of people have a knee-jerk dislike for her.

i like them both, but they both have weaknesses. if only they were wonder twins and could use their hydro/zo-morphic powers together...